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Cowpoke Clyde And Dirty Dawg

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Cowpoke Clyde And Dirty Dawg

Clarion Books

Author: Lori Mortensen

The author is Lori Mortensen and it was published in May of 2013 by Clarion Books. The children's book has 32 pages. I would like you to get the best price when you buy a book. Please, visit the buyers market add to cart button.

Cowpoke Clyde's house was entirely clean — he'd even shooed off the horseflies: “ Then right behind his cookin' pot, / he spied 1 factor he'd plumb forgot: / ol' Dawg, his faithful, snorin' friend, / all caked with mud from finish to finish. The rhyming stanzas are pitch-perfect, Texas-style, and plumb near cry out to be study aloud. The chase that follows — with page-turn surprises — makes for a hilarious shaggy-dog story involving fleas, a hog, bribery, cats, deception, along with a mule. Austin's expressive acrylic and colored-pencil caricatures of Cowpoke Clyde and his menagerie are priceless. ” Needless to say, Dawg wakes up and runs. A storytime shoo-in!


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